Motor Carrier

Open Trade Logistics wants to partner with reliable motor carriers to deliver outstanding services to our clients.

Your Truck, Our Freight

Our carrier selection process focuses on safety, performance and compliance of all federal and industry related regulations.

All our carriers enjoy access to our web-based tools which allow you to:

  • Download/Print Rate Confirmations
  • View Load Documents
  • Update Load Pickup/Delivery Status (driver check-call)
  • Check Invoice Payment Status
  • View Available Freight
  • Update Carrier Information (address,insurance,email,phone,etc.)
Carrier Setup

To become a preferred carrier for Open Trade Logistics the following documents are required:

  1. Complete and Sign our Carrier Agreement
  2. Carrier Information Form
  3. Motor Carrier Operating Authority (License)
  4. Certificate of Insurance (Cargo & Liability)
    Open Trade Logistics LLC must be named as Certificate Holder.
    Minimum Insurance:
    • $100,000 Cargo
    • $1,000,000 Liability
    • Worker's Comp (where required)
  5. W-9 Tax Form
    Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate

Carrier setup must be completed online to ensure a consistent workflow.
Supporting documents can also be uploaded to this website.

Start Here

Getting Paid

Our terms for all invoices are Net 14 Days from receipt or Quick Pay within 2 Business Days of receipt of Invoice/POD/BOL at 5% discount.

Required Documentation

  • Clean/Clear signed Bill of Lading/Shipping Documents
  • Signed Rate Agreement/Confirmation document
  • Lumper Receipts or documentation for any accessorial charges.
  • Invoice
  • All documentation must be emailed or uploaded.