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To schedule services or discuss future service requirements please email info@opentradelogistics.com

Why Choose Open Trade Logistics?

  • Experience
    We know the business of shipping and transportation. Our founders have extensive experience from truck driving to freight planning, dispatch and everything in between. Rest assured that we have the dedication and resources to find creative solutions to move time-critical, just-in-time, and many different types of loads.
  • Built to Scale
    Our service grows with your business. We understand expansion - and are well-equipped to work with companies of any size.
  • Personal
    We are not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. Each customer deserves a dedicated logistics partner every step of the way. Each transaction is unique- and we have honed our process to adapt and handle even the most challenging demands.
  • Visibility
    Do you know where your shipment is? We do; and we think you should too. Our technology provides end-to-end visibility from shipment pickup to delivery confirmation. You will have peace of mind knowing that we track how our contracted carriers perform, and share the data with you in real-time on our customer portal.
  • Trust
    We want to earn your trust and confidence to move your freight safely, quickly, cost-effectively, and hassle-free

Your Next Load is our Priority

Project: Transportation Logistics for almost 250,000 pounds of industrial machinery requiring meticulous handling, routing and tight shipping schedules.
Customer: International Client

Open Trade Logistics Workflow

Open Trade Logistics - Workflow

New Customer Setup

The following information is required for new customers:

  1. Shipper Agreement
  2. Customer Profile (online)
    • Names of Owners (or Authorized Officers)
    • Credit Application
  3. Trade References

Customer setup must be completed online to ensure a consistent workflow.
Supporting documents can also be uploaded to this website.

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